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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I talk to my kids about sex?

Welcome to Sex Ed Reclaimed! You’re in the right place. This is the reason our company began: parents have a difficult time discussing sex with their kids (for several valid reasons). A prominent dilemma we have is how to talk about such an important topic with kids of varying ages. At Sex Ed Reclaimed, we want to help with that exact issue. Enjoy our ‘push and play’ curriculum today, and conversations will naturally flow with your kids.

In which grade do kids learn about sex?

Most school systems have a ‘puberty’ talk in 5th or 6th grade when the kids are beginning to experience bodily changes. Sex ed class will then be a part of health class in 8th grade and again in high school for a semester. Every state differs on this (due to state policy) and every school system differs as well. In reality, most kids learn more about sex from culture, movies, and pornography than they do from sex ed class in high school. Sex Ed Reclaimed begins conversations at age 3 (about the body, respect, keeping clothes on in public, very basic anatomy). Kids have questions. Where will they go for answers? We want it to be you.

Why reclaim sex ed?

Sex was created by God. He included scripture about sex and sexual relationships in the Bible, for us to read about and learn from. Sex ed was always the Lord’s. Education about sex is a good and holy thing, when it is focused on truth. We seek to reclaim sex ed from the worldly classrooms to the righteous place it belongs. In the mouths of Christian parents seeking to help their families understand the purpose of sex, dating, puberty, and our bodies. God is good. So is His creation of sex. Join us in reclaiming this education.

When should I teach my son or daughter about sex?

Start early! The world is consistently talking about the topic, and we want you, the parent, to beat them to it. Teach your child about sex with our curriculum. We provide content for kids 3-18 with lifetime access! If you’re hesitant, utilize a sample curriculum first or check out our eBook, found here. We also have testimonials available here.

Will teaching my kids about sex encourage them to have sex?

Time and time again research has disproved this idea. Honesty with children about behaviors does not encourage behavior, but rather helps them to see the behaviors in a right light. Having conversations about body safety, healthy relationships, STI’s, pregnancy, puberty, and the dangers of pornography creates a safe space for them to come to you with further questions down the road as well as be able to articulate any traumas or abuses in their own lives.

How were the sex ed topics chosen for various age levels?

I chose these topics from over a decade of experience in all types of classrooms. I utilized extensive research as well as popular cultural movements, godly discernment, and prayer. Content does not need to be consumed one after the other, but rather can be utilized as needed or with the help of our recommendations (included in each package).

Is this Christian sex ed?

Sex Ed Reclaimed is biblically-based, meaning we adhere to scripture and believe the Bible is God’s word. If God created sex, then He knows what its purpose is. What He says about sex, the body, dating, and marriage, matters, because He designed it all. However, this is not the sex ed of ‘purity culture’ or sex ed affiliated only with the term ‘abstinence based’, but rather a full curriculum focused on teaching truth and guiding kids to critically engage with their worldview, biblical realities, and reflect honestly on the purpose of sex. We stress abstinence because of God’s design for sex, but we don’t only focus on it.

Can adults use this curriculum?

Of course! In that case, we recommend getting the full curriculum so you can watch all of the videos or purchasing the 14-18 curriculum. We guarantee adults will learn too! This will be particularly true for those of us who never had helpful sex ed.

Is sticking to the age recommendations important? What if I feel it’s too mature or not enough information for my student(s)?

I do recommend sticking within the age recommendations but I also understand that children differ in maturity and academic levels. Adults may always pick which videos they choose to show within the age recommendation curriculum they have purchased. I highly recommend investing in the entire curriculum. With the entire curriculum, a home, church, or family will have full access to over 70 videos on sexual health and sexuality for all ages, at a more affordable cost.

We homeschool. Isn't this cost high for an extracurricular?

Homeschooling families understandably prioritize subjects like math or literature. However, health class alone has the unique ability to change their life. There is no subject as practical as a great health class. We’ll always have a body; we need to know how to take care of it. Preventable events which happen to or because of the body cause a lifetime of trauma. Health is important! Much of the curriculum you can purchase online is only available for a year, or ages quickly. Not this one. Once you purchase a curriculum, you keep it forever and you get all the new content added for free. Other curriculum includes 3-10 videos for $100. Yet with Sex Ed Reclaimed, you can receive 80 videos (with accompanying worksheets) and you keep it for years to come. Your student might just thank you for this class more than they’ll thank you for any other. Additionally, listen to a podcast and you’ll receive a promo code! Ohio homeschoolers can receive full money back through the ACE program.

What if I don't want to use all of the videos in my classroom?

That’s fine. Various viewing schedules are suggested within the adult recommendations and tip videos within the curriculum. Adult & parent videos are included with each curriculum purchase.

What device should we use to view these videos?

Any device will display the content but ideally a computer, tv, or projection might be best for students (depending on the group size) as they write in their journals. Several times, a ‘pause’ will be necessary as students are encouraged to critically think and answer engagement questions. The ability to pause as an individual student watching, or in a classroom setting from the adult’s device, is vital to engagement with all of the content.

Who uses this program?

Families, churches, Christian schools, and co-ops. Our program is available internationally to anyone who wants to become a safe and clear voice for their kids on topics related to sex and sexuality. We are a part of Christian homeschool curriculum only in that families choose us because their programming lacks in this area or could be improved.

How do I know which curriculum to purchase and utilize?

I really recommend following the age recommendations, unless you are showing the material to one child who is on the cusp of a different age (example: the child is 13 but will be 14 within the month or a child who seems mature for their age). Basically, choose the curriculum based on age. You might also choose to start with one of your children and see how it goes . You can also purchase ALL of the material, which includes all 90 plus videos and accompanying workbooks.

After my child finishes curriculum, what's next?

Feel free to utilize the curriculum as much as needed for review (whether it be review of a few videos or repeating the entirety of the content). Families can also move on to the next curriculum of the age up when your family or group is ready.

Is there a sample I could view to get a feel for the curriculum?

What is the time commitment of each curriculum?

The Young Learners curriculum will take a child about 1.5 hours in total (not including worksheet use). Parent content is over an hour.

The Early Elementary curriculum will take a child about 2.5 hours in total (not including worksheet use). Parent content is over an hour.

The Preteen curriculum will take a child about 7.5 hours in total (not including worksheet use). Parent content is over an hour.

The High School curriculum will take a child about 9.5 hours in total (not including worksheet use). Parent content is over an hour.

What health standards does the curriculum fulfill?

This curriculum hits all 8 national health standards for each age grouping.

What is the best homeschool curriculum?

For sex ed, you’ve come to the right place. Homeschool programs differ on health and sexual health education. We’ve never come across any homeschool program with content as complete as Sex Ed Reclaimed. We cover topics most homeschool programs don’t and sadly won’t. Homeschool curriculum typically doesn’t have sex ed experts to teach and write the curriculum, which is why we’ve made it for any family to use. Check out all we provide for a homeschooling family-right here.

Is this part of a homeschool program?

Sex Ed Reclaimed is used in many homeschooling families as part of their health curriculum and homeschool programming. We fulfill most state health requirements related to sexual health education. With worksheets, video curriculum, grading rubrics, and certificates, our content can easily integrate into your homeschool program.

Do you watch live where you can ask questions or is it pre recorded?

It is all pre recorded, not live, and I’m always available for questions.

How long is the program for ages 14-18?

For 14-18 year olds there is over 12 hours of content with a viewing calendar, full workbooks, guide, parent videos, and more.

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