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How Purity Culture Failed Us

Purity culture gets a bad rap amongst millennials who grew up in the church. But, what about public health sex education? What about the sex ed classes you took in school? It’s time to give both purity culture and sex ed their fair evaluation.


Sex & Relationships-Porn

What does God think of porn? Why are we so drawn to porn and why is it so hard to stop consuming it? Kristen Miele, Kappa Alpha Theta alumna & Greek IV’s unofficial “sex educator” shares what makes porn so addicting and how we can break free.


Sex & Relationships -Shame

How do we deal with the shame we might feel around sex? Or what about our fears of intimacy or lack of experience? Kristen Miele joins us again to talk about dealing with shame and fears about sex.


Pure Victory Podcast: Sex Ed Reclaimed

Matt and Braden chat with guest, Kristen Miele, about her new curriculum for parents and share practical tips for parenting with honest conversation.


Healing from Purity Culture with Kristen Miele

In the past, church leaders taught about sex with great intentions to save people from the harms of sin. However, messaging contained undertones of shame and guilt that led people into secrecy and addiction.


Reclaiming Sex Education

A discussion on Christian sex ed, how we should be discussing sex with our kids, and how social media has impacted sex education.

Sexting: Helping Our Children Heal From This Epidemic

Guest post with A Hopeful Mom on the topic of Sexting


Sex Ed Reclaimed with Kristen Miele

Sex education isn’t what it used to be. But the need for good, godly sex education is at an all-time high.


How Did You Learn About It?

How did you learn about sex? Was it helpful? Perhaps your sex ed was lacking, or shame-filled, or not based on a Christian worldview. You want something better for your children now. Here it is!


Teaching Your Kids about Sex with Kristen Miele

As you personally reclaim what God created and called good, the next step is to be able to have conversations with your kids.

4 Reasons You Can’t Avoid Sex Ed in the Home

Kristen Miele guest blogs with a shocking 4 reasons why you can no longer avoid sex ed with kids.


Raising Our Daughters

Kristen has been educating girls for over a decade on healthy sexuality. Let’s hear her advice to us on talking about sex and sexuality with our girls.


Rethinking Sex Education with
Kristen Miele

Most of what we learn about sex is from younger years, what’s said and what’s left unsaid. What if we set our kids up for health and wholeness in this area?

Will Porn Impact My Kids?

Many parents are hopeful that porn won’t impact their own children. Yet it impacts all of us. This article helps parents prepare for difficult conversations.


Let’s Start Talking to Our Kids

An extremely real conversation to help us discuss an important topic with our kids. Kristen does not shy away from the truth and challenges us to more.


How to Take Back This Topic

Our culture has taken hold of this topic in our families for far too long. WE HAVE TO TAKE IT BACK! It’s time for every spouse and parent to start having ‘the talk’ so we can stand in truth and see it as beautiful.


Reclaiming Education

Save the Kids hosts Kristen Miele for a conversation about the talk.
Beyond Borders

Why the One Time Sex Talk is No Longer Necessary

Click the link to view Kristen’s conversation with The Cactus Foundation at their intercontinental conference to create safe childhoods.

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